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    By Carrie Robertson, on 17 Apr 2024

    Transform Your Business: revolutionising reporting from manual to seamless

    In the London Market it is surprisingly common to still see businesses using multiple manual data processes.

    We’re working hard behind the scenes to drastically reduce the number of insurance brokers using inefficient data processes.

    Part of our core mission is to help our customers turn their disparate data sources into seamless reporting insights, to transform the way they run their businesses.

    The inherent issues in recurrent manual data entry

    Not only is it extremely time-consuming to create multiple manual spreadsheets, but there is often repetitive data entry involved, outside of a centralised system.

    This can result in further difficulties, including:

    • Not being able to fully reconcile the data (and therefore more manual work).
    • Creating a backlog of work.
    • An increased risk of errors.
    • Data stored in separate locations.
    • A lack of quick, centralised reporting.

    The right reporting at your fingertips. It’s life changing.

    Our passion is for creating software that you actually want to use, that’s intuitive and helpful.

    The fact that our customers have fed back that using the inFOCUS | INSIGHT module is life changing, is the best kind of feedback.

    But how can inFOCUS | INSIGHT help transform your business?

    After your data is entered once into the central system:

    • We will build you a suite of reports, connecting all your data together.
    • You can then access your reports daily from your phone, laptop, or tablet.
    • You don’t have to do anything; the information is just there.
    • We’ll create separate reporting for different audiences and functions, in the way they want to see it.
    • You’ll no longer need to rely on someone else to run a report.

    No more high risk, time-consuming manual effort.

    Instead, it’s life changing reporting and an overview of your business at your fingertips.

    Reports on risks, sales, pipeline, turnover and loss ratios, to visibility of what’s going well and what’s not. Showing you how and where to scale.

    Transformative Business Insights – Powered by Microsoft Power BI

    Did you know we use Microsoft Power BI as our reporting platform, as it’s spot on for a great user experience that people are familiar with.

    Power BI works in the background to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent business insights. So, you can discover what’s important for you and your role and share that with anyone who needs to see it.

    A little investment in the set-up and you’ll reap the rewards

    Investing a little time in the set-up of your inFOCUS | INSIGHT system, will create many time saving benefits and efficiencies further down the line.

    If all your data is in the system upfront, the suite of reports you can readily access will change the way you do business.

    If you’re a current customer and would like to get the most out of inFOCUS, please get in touch with Sharon Stanley.

    To find out more about inFOCUS modular solutions, contact us today to find out more.

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