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    By Carrie Robertson, on 17 Apr 2024

    Empowering Excellence: how user groups are driving our next-generation software

    We’re running a series of user groups with our customers, to ensure we have a continuous and open feedback loop.

    It’s vital for us to have ongoing face-to-face conversations with those that are using the software regularly.

    As well as updating the groups on the latest with Blueprint Two, our user groups have three main purposes:

    1. To help our users get the most out of our current software.

    We love to check in that our customers are aware of all the ways the system can support them. Identifying any issues and helping make sure it’s being used in the most efficient way, to save time and energy.

    2. To show our customers the exciting solutions we’re building and get their feedback.

    User feedback is essential to make sure the innovative solutions we’re developing are truly intuitive and will help make life easier. Creating software that you actually want to use!

    We’ve been showing customers inFOCUS modules that are in development. Looking at where our users place the most value, be it data entry, reducing errors, reporting or integration.

    The feedback we gather, is shaping our solutions to meet our customers real needs.

    3. To talk through how our system integrates with the wider ecosystem.

    We are very aware that we are one skilled specialist, part of a wider strong community and legacy ecosystem. Standards and integration with other systems, is key to any new technology we develop.

    We’re talking to our user groups about their wider ecosystem, as well as ensuring we have the right standards in place for the integrations.

    We are also an ACORD member and work closely with ACORD and the ACORD Solutions Group on setting the right standards.

    If you’d like to be part of the journey and take part in one of our user group sessions, please get in touch.

    To find out more about inFOCUS modular solutions, contact us today.

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