Employing an in-house IT team is very costly and can be very difficult to manage as internal staff usually have limited skills specialising in specific areas. Why not focus on your goals? Do you really need to add this to your everyday to-do list?

GPM support offers complete peace of mind with our comprehensive range of IT Managed services. Our wealth of experience and commitment means we can diagnose issues quickly and come up with a solution which will have minimal impact on your business.

GPM can implement a disaster recovery (DR) plan that aims to protect your organisation from significant unexpected events. This will allow your company to maintain or quickly resume operations following a disaster.

Remote assistance

Remote connection or remote support is provided as an alternative to standard email, chat or phone support. It is typically offered for issues that are best solved by an agent accessing your computer over the Internet.

Email archiving

Email archiving is an automated process for preserving and protecting all inbound and outbound email messages (as well as attachments and metadata) so they can be accessed at a later date should the need arise. The benefits of email archiving include the recovery of lost or accidentally deleted emails, accelerated audit response, preservation of the intellectual property contained in business email and its attachments and “eDiscovery” in the case of litigation or internal investigations (what happened when, who said what).

Emailing protection

Protect your people from spam, malware, and even non-malware threats with accurate classification, granular control, and visibility into all email communication.

Remote working

Wherever you are working in the world you can logon to our servers and access your data and applications.

Helpdesk support

Data backup

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is part of security planning which protects an organisation from unexpected events.

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