Our online platform – built for mobile data capture from Brokers, Agents, MGAs or even Insureds.

Providing a user friendly system for high volume business. Bespoke insurance products can be built with or without rating engines and document production. We use the latest technology to provide dashboards for quick overview of team or product performance with instant notifications for referrals and document production.

Product Specific Data Capture

Instead of capturing data via email or proposal forms, infocus allows end users to enter the data specific to their insurance policy online. Whether that’s an aviation, home and contents, or small business professional indemnity insurance, infocus can be configured to capture the answers pertinent to the risk. These can then be used in ratings, document production, integration to the policy administration system and reporting, including London Market standard bordereaux.

Ratings Engine

Specific fields in the data capture can be configured to be used in the rating of the risk. This can be done with just a few fields for a ‘quick quote’ and then the number of questions and fields expanded if the user wants to enter more detail for a full quote. infocus can be configured to allow your administration to manage the rates. It also allows for the use of different rates per years and per product.

Document Production

infocus provides configurable templates at quote, firm order and adjustment phases. Documents can be generated straight to pdf and emailed to the insured, with no rekeying, or manual adjustments. This allows for uniform documentation to clients and reduces the possibilities of errors and omissions. Configuration of infocus can also allow for documents to be checked by the agent or broker, amended as required and then sent out as a pdf. Documents can be stored in the cloud, and/or sent on to the policy administration system.



With a single point of data capture, auto rating and document production infocus allows for light touch from the broker or agent, with all of the advantages of a complete set of data for real time reporting. Dashboards can be used for high level targets and comparisons, and more detailed reports to excel or pdf generated at the touch of a button.

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