GPM are experts in cloud computing services for small and medium sized businesses. We can help to guide you through the process of moving to the cloud. We go beyond the hosted Exchange, MS Office and SharePoint available from other no-frills suppliers.

We engage in discussions to understand your needs and migrate whatever applications you use to our world class cloud computing technology.

Everything from your accounting platform to your web hosting can operate on our halo cloud and our team of experts will make sure it does.

The halo cloud is a safe and secure place to run your crucial business applications while eliminating the need for you to maintain your own hardware and converting unpredictable capital expenditure into planned, affordable operational costs.

Remote Desktop virtualisation

A benefit of desktop virtualization is that it lets you remotely log in to access your desktop from any location all you need is a PC/Laptop/Tablet/iPad and internet connection.

Server virtualisation

In a virtual environment you can reduce the amount of physical servers required. This allows you to share the physical resources of multiple machines across the entire infrastructure.

Key benefits include: high availability, flexibility, technology testing, disaster recovery and lower cost of ownership.

Network infrastructure

Fixed monthly cost on a subscription basis

All costs and subscriptions can be set-up on a monthly basis which makes its easier for you to manage.

Easily scalable as your business grows

With Halo you can have as much or little as you need, scale up and down as required with short notice.

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